A resource for newly licensed operators in the Kansas City metro area.

Our Mission:

To help newly licensed individuals connect with other hams and find the resources they need to fulfill their desire to become a functioning and valued ham radio operators in the KC Metro area.

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See the NEW article posted: Introduction to DMR (new 11/18/18)

The Public Service Events 101 class is now available on Video - click here to view the YouTube presentation.

Emergency Communications 101 is now available on Video - click here to view the YouTube presentation.

First Steps - A few practical steps for newly licensed operators. Any of these can help the newly licensed operator get more involved with the hobby, meet other hams in the KC Metro area, and start to use their new privileges.

Next Steps - After you get on the air, these next items will be helpful things to consider next to help increase your skills and enjoyment of Ham Radio

Ham-Related Organizations - Joining a local Amateur Radio Club should be one of your first steps as a newly licensed operator, but there are many other ham-related organizations that you should also consider.

Articles -- Look for more detailed information on topics of interest to new hams here. Written by local, experienced hams, these articles are written specifically for new hams.

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